Where Your Author Ultimately Decides to Give Up Golf (Part I)


In our last installment of the Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen saga, I’d received the Golf back with some issues after its second headliner replacement in less than two years.

Let’s pick up from there, shall we? Today is Part I of… we’ll see how many.

The day I picked up the Golf, I’d fully documented the headliner fitment issues and damage caused to various interior panels during its service. Emails went to both the service manager and general manager of the dealership, since I’d received a “How’d We Do?” survey-type email. Afterward, the waiting process began for the replacement trim parts to travel from wherever (probably Mexico) to the dealer.

I’d identified most of the issues I noticed while still at the dealer, and all the issues via email with picture documentation on June 4th – always better to be thorough. I made a mental note that it’d probably be a couple of weeks before the parts arrived. The service manager assured me in person they’d call as soon as the parts were in to set up an appointment for the fixes. I did not receive an email response from the service manager of any kind regarding the pictures I’d sent of the headliner issues and damaged areas. The general manager did reply and said he’d speak with the service managers about the issues.

Meantime, it did seem the roof leaking issue was fully remedied. I didn’t notice any moisture in the headliner at all after some considerable June thunderstorms here in Cincinnati. The quiet waiting game continued for two full weeks, at that point I’d not heard anything regarding the arrival of my parts. Late in the afternoon on June 18th, I sent an email to the service manager. Said manager replied fairly quickly and said they’d been out of the office and forgot to follow up but good news: My part arrived that afternoon!

Part. Singular. I reiterated immediately there were several places that needed repair, so replacement panels or parts would be required in all those places. Again I was assured the dealership would make everything right, and they in fact had seen the pictures I forwarded. Remember this fact for later. The nearest day they had loaner availability was on Monday, June 28th, so I’d have to wait another week for the car to go in. This time they’d send someone to pick up the car and drop off a loaner, to minimize my hassle. Great, appointment set for 10:00 AM on the 28th.

Think that went as planned, or was it a high blood pressure sort of day? We’ll find out next time.

[Images: Corey Lewis / The Truth About Cars]

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