What’s Your Biggest Weakness As A Driver?


Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.com

It’s a safe bet that most car enthusiasts are good drivers — or at least, generally speaking, better than the average member of the general public.

Even though we all occasionally run into trouble.

As a former co-worker once told me: “Podody’s nerfect.”

I’d guess each and every one of us has some sort of Achille’s heel when it comes to driving. You probably are perplexed by/struggle with at least one particular aspect of maneuvering a vehicle. I’d like to know what aspect vexes you.

I’ll start. Last week I was testing a Chevrolet Suburban and found myself getting nervous while making tight-quarters maneuvering in parking garages and approaching the car wash. Indeed, most of the damage I’ve done to press-fleet vehicles has involved taking a truck or large SUV and turning too tightly and scraping a bollard or pillar. I had similar issues during my dealer days.

For whatever reason, I struggle with long-wheelbase vehicles and tight turns. I’m generally competent at placing a vehicle where I want it, but in this situation, I get it wrong sometimes.

I almost put parallel parking here — as a child of the suburbs, I wasn’t very good at it when I first moved to the city. But living in densely packed parts of Chicago for the better part of two decades has helped me improve, and today’s camera and parking-sensor tech helps (though I suppose one could argue it’s a crutch that keeps me from further developing my skill). I’m a much better parallel-parker than I was a teen.

So, what’s your deal? What part of driving causes you issues, even after decades behind the wheel? Even if you’ve got track/autocross/off-road experience? Are you a bad parallel parker? Do you, like at least two people I knew in college, struggle with highway speeds? Are you not smooth with braking or accelerating? Are you klutzy when driving a manual? Bad at backing up? Terrible at trailering?

Let us know down below.

[Image: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.com]

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