What Do You Want to Ask Ford About the Bronco?


2021 Ford Bronco. Tim Healey/TTAC

I’m currently sweating my you-know-what off somewhere near-ish to Austin, Texas, in order to drive the Ford Bronco, which is probably the most anticipated vehicle of the year, and I want to give you the chance to play journalist.

If you have questions you’d like asked of Ford (preferably about the Bronco, of course), insert them in the comments below.

If this sort of interactive post works, we might use it on future car launches, or at least select ones. Should this idea work, credit the bourbon I had after dinner. If it flops, blame the bourbon.

Here are the rules of engagement: I’ll check in when I can and relay questions to the appropriate Ford people. We won’t break the embargo, which is set for next week, so don’t try to trick us into spilling driving impressions. Be patient — the day is busy and I might not be able to reply quickly, and I probably won’t be able to reply to all questions. Off-topic and obvious joke queries will be ignored.

Bonus Internet points will go to those who ask questions that we in the auto press tend to inadvertently overlook.

So, fire away. What do you want to know about the big Bronco?

[Image: Ford]

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