Toyota Working on Performance 8-Speed Automatic



Toyota is developing a performance 8-speed automatic for the GR Yaris, and potentially for other models, as well.

A 6-speed manual transmission is currently standard in the GR line, with the 1.5T being sold overseas, and the GR Corolla with its 1.6T, which is sold in the USA and Canada. In the GR’s home country of Japan, the RS line comes with a continuously-variable automatic transmission (CVT).

Paddle shifters may be available as well, with the automaker seemingly committed to providing a self-shifting gearbox worthy of the GR branding. Interestingly enough, the Japanese version of the gearbox works in reverse of what American consumers are used to, with drivers pushing forward for upshifts.

First a 6-speed manual for the Supra, now a potential 8-speed automatic for the GR line, and we’re wondering if this automatic will make its way into the GR Corolla sold in the North American market. The GR86 would also make sense for this new application.

As exciting as this all sounds, don’t expect to see the 8-speed automatic in showrooms anytime soon. As the Autoblog story notes, there have been some glitches in early development.

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