The Shark S-1, a Prototype Super Car We Can’t Show You


2020 Chevrolet Corvette engineToday’s Rare Ride is a prototype super car from 1996, 1997, or 1998, dependent upon which place you see it online. Scissor doors, 8.2 liters, 550 horsepower, and a fully bespoke body all sound great. There are no YouTube videos or even any news articles about the Shark S-1, so this is some exclusive content for you.

Quite a few questions remain.

The picture above is of a 2020 Corvette engine courtesy of Chris Tonn because for legal reasons we can’t show you any of the Shark’s photos as their source is unclear. This story started out with an interesting tweet last week that contained the present listing for the one-owner S-1. Listed on Facebook in Canada for $100,000, the Shark’s details are provided but don’t jive. Down the internet rabbit hole went your author.

In theory, the S-1 is “based” on a McLaren F-1 and a Ferrari F-50. In truth, it’s probably not. Power arrives via a big block Chevrolet 502 (8.2L) that was used in automotive and marine applications and is still sold by Chevrolet. The engine in modern format offers 461 horses, so the S-1 has other magic happening to boost power to the stated 550. The transmission is an automatic and is cited as Turbo 400. Perhaps it’s the heavy-duty TH400 formerly used in Rolls-Royce and AM General applications. With all the power available, cited time to sixty is four seconds. Quick stuff, and the enormous Hoosier tires at the rear promise plenty of traction. The seller states suspension is adjustable and independent all around, and that power steering and ABS are present. I’m suspecting Corvette parts here and there.

The S-1’s body appears well made and doesn’t suffer the prototype/kit car look one might expect. Per the listing, it’s a composite made of acrylic and ground porcelain. Inside the Shark is covered in faux suede, and has a custom 1980s instrument cluster that wouldn’t look out of place on an old stove.

And that’s about all we know folks. Searching around, there are some photos of the S-1 here and there, along with conflicting information on its year of manufacture. It’s definitely always lived in Canada. Identifiable parts include rear lamps from an Eighties Escort GT, and the whole car has a sort of Lamborghini meets Vector vibe. The listing photos are pictures of pictures, which is an interesting choice at a $100,000 ask for a unique car. At some point, it seems vent windows were added to the S-1, probably because the door shape meant fixed side windows.

And there you have it, our first Rare Ride featuring a one-off vehicle with very little information. If you have more detail on the Shark, we’d love to hear it in the comments.

[Image: Chris Tonn / The Truth About Cars]

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