Tesla Files For Restaurant Trademark


A new report suggests that Tesla has filed a trademark for its brand under restaurant services.

Yes, you read that right.

As the story in Electrek notes, it’s not the first time Tesla and boss Elon Musk have hinted at plans to expand into food service, but this new information suggests the company really is serious about it. It appears any planned Tesla restaurant would be part of plans to build a supercharging station.

In a way, it makes a lot of sense. Hungry Tesla drivers could get a bite while charging, and even those who aren’t seeking a meal might avail themselves of a cup of coffee while waiting for juice of the electric kind.

On the other hand, Tesla’s track record with the quality and reliability of its automobiles lends itself to a lot of jokes, ones that no doubt will appear below this article in the comments section.

That would hold true, I think, even if Tesla does what most people would say is the smart thing and hire an experienced food-service management company to run any restaurant it puts its brand on.

Obviously, the concept isn’t too far off from gas stations offering convenience stores — who among us has not felt a sudden, inexplicable need for soda/gum/candy while waiting for a bunch of dead dinosaur remains to fill their fuel tank? Who hasn’t pulled into a filling station to take care of some personal bodily business and felt guilty at using the facilities for free and assuaged that guilt by dropping a couple of bucks down on a bag of chips?

So if Tesla can slap its brand on a restaurant and snag some extra cash while drivers get charged up, good on them. Maybe some of the profits can be put back into manufacturing quality.

[Image: Jag_cz/Shutterstock.com]

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