Tesla Cybertruck Delayed Until 2022


Tesla’s Cybertruck has been delayed. The automaker updated its online vehicle configurations to reflect that the model will no longer be arriving in 2021. The pickup’s new launch date is set for sometime in 2022, with no hints on what part of the year the company plans on getting the assembly lines humming.

Though there’s little reason to get bent out of shape. Tesla has always been notorious for delaying vehicles and the automotive sector is currently in a state where you’d probably be more shocked to learn that Cybertruck was arriving on time. Besides, Tesla now has more time to dangle the model in front of consumers as a way to keep itself relevant. 

All three versions of the stainless steel pickup now state that you can “complete your configuration as production nears in 2022.” However the slicker versions of the vehicle were originally supposed to be made available by the end of 2021.

Musk had previously stated that the truck was posing challenges for the brand all the way up through the summer. In July, he said that developing a new platform had been difficult and hinted that it could impact its production rollout. One of the biggest issues is readying Tesla Giga Texas for the model, which uses totally different production methods than its other vehicles. The Austin-based plant isn’t technically finished with construction either. However the company feels confident it can at least commence Model Y assembly in the coming weeks, with Cybertruck following closer to the facility’s completion.

Sadly, specifics are nonexistent because Tesla dissolved its PR team last year. However we did get a glimpse of the factory this week.

On Monday, the Austin Tesla Club reposted a recent clip of Cybertruck cruising around the worksite. The tweet noted how much the pickup looked like CGI but it was the barren landscape that was the most interesting. Giga Texas doesn’t seem to be quite as far along as anticipated but there’s information to suggest that Tesla is at least on the cusp to start production within the next month or two — albeit nowhere near full-scale levels.

[Image: Tesla]

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