Tesla Bumps up Pricing on Most Models


Tesla quietly increased pricing on several models via its website this week, with the new Model S Plaid Plus representing the largest jump. The performance variant is said to be capable of 200 mph and breezing through 60 mph in under 2 seconds. It also boasts the brand’s updated interior and an alleged range of 520 miles, which really opens it up to becoming the kind of vehicle you might actually want to take on an extended road trip.

But it’s going to set you back $151,190 (including the $1,200 destination charge), which is exactly $10,000 more than Tesla said it would cost just a few months ago. While that increase has not been extended to other Plaid models, none of which offer a massive bump in range, forthcoming Plaid Plus models are likely to see loftier price tags than originally expected.

No announcement was made by the manufacturer, but Reuters noticed the changes on Thursday. Other adjustments include moving the Model 3 Standard Range Plus to $37,490 (up from $36,990) and Model 3 Long Range AWD to $46,490 (from $45,990). The Model Y Long Range also grew $1,000 dearer and now costs $51,190.

Though, before we make any final assessments about Tesla, it should be said that the company constantly fiddles with its pricing. Just a few weeks ago, the electric brand dropped pricing on the Standard and Long Range versions of the Model 3 by $1,000 (presumably to counter the updated Chevrolet Bolt). It also axed the base-level Model Y from the lineup and increased costs of performance variants by about a grand.

Tesla no longer has a public relations department and never issues statements to the media, meaning we’ll be stuck speculating on why it’s rejiggering pricing once again. Perhaps it thinks the new administration will greenlight new subsidies on EVs, needs to account for production costs associated with updates, or believes customers leaning toward specific products will be more/less capable of spending money.

If we’re lucky, we might be able to glean something during the next earnings report. No date for that has been decided, but history suggests early May.

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