Summer Road Trip or Staycation?


It’s now been a full week since Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. And with the pandemic seemingly receding — my state and city move to full-go reopening on Friday — people are anxious to move.

Yet it’s been a brutal year for many of us lucky enough to not be among the 600,000+ dead. Some of us lost jobs or income. Others still aren’t ready to boogie quite yet, either because the virus is still out there and/or because they haven’t yet been fully vaccinated. And just because the city and/or state you live in may be reopened, it doesn’t mean a certain vacation destination you’re interested in will be.

So, our QOTD on this June Monday is simple — are you itching to hit the road, and if so, will you scratch that itch? Or would you rather keep it closer to home, availing yourself of your backyard (and maybe pool) or local options like the nearest park? Will you mix it up — meaning no road trips, but excursions to your local museums/ballparks/beaches/whatever?

If you are driving somewhere, do you have your eyes on a hot summer car, either something you’d buy or a rental (perhaps one from a place that rents exotics)? Or are you dusting off your trusty old Miata/Mustang?

Oh, and what tunes are you jamming?

No need to dox yourself, but satisfy our curiosity below.

[Image: Soloviova Liudmyla/]

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