Remember That Boris Johnson Was Once a Car Reviewer


One of the bigger pieces of geopolitical news this week involves Boris Johnson. The U.K. prime minister is stepping down.

While reading about how the British media is covering the event, I was reminded that Johnson once reviewed cars.

Apparently very poorly.

That is, when he was even arsed to drive the things. Seems that Johnson often “reviewed” a car by letting it sit in one place for the duration of the loan.

I don’t bring this up to be political — I just find it an interesting way to ease into the weekend. Especially since Johnson seemed to, uh, not really do the job. It would be less amusing had Johnson been competent.

Hey, if an auto journalist/car reviewer — not all auto journalists review cars, and not all car reviewers are automotive journalists — can eventually climb to the top of his country’s political ladder, maybe that old saw we were told in third grade about how anyone can grow up to be president is true after all.

Or maybe Johnson is just lucky his editors didn’t seem to worry too much about improving his prose and didn’t seem to notice his work ethic, or lack thereof, until he’d moved on.

Either way, after going back and reading some of his old work, I’m going to have to cleanse my palette by Googling a bunch of David E. Davis, John Phillips, and Brock Yates pieces.

[Image: Michael Tubi/]

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