QOTD: What’s the Best Infiniti Ever?


There have been some rumblings around the TTAC virtual newsroom lately about Infiniti, and consideration of the company’s best-ever product. The best of their product is certainly not found in their present lineup, which I took time to lambast in late 2020. We bring this question to you today, dear readers: What’s the best car Infiniti ever made?

No doubt many of you will expect me to heap praise on the M45 pictured above. While that sporty hardtop sedan was an interesting offering (JDM product lightly edited for America), I don’t think it was their best work. In a first-ever for a QOTD I’ve asked, I’m not going to give you my answer right away. 

I feel strongly enough about said answer that it’s going to be a separate, full-length post. Look for that soon (tomorrow), in a new type of post I’ve titled The QOTD Answer.

[Images: Infiniti]

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