QOTD: What Part of Car Week is Your Favorite?


Last week was Car Week, so called because of the various events taking place in and around Monterey, California (The Quail, the vintage races at Laguna Seca, Pebble Beach, et cetera), and the annual Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit.

Late August can be considered a gearhead’s dream, even if you live vicariously through pictures posted on the Internet. I’ve done the Dream Cruise ago, a long time ago prior to TTAC, and maybe someday I’ll get out to Monterey — the closest I came was attending the Corvette C7 launch in the area just days ahead of the event. Cars were starting to arrive as we walked around town, but I was on a plane home before all the real fun started.

As for the Dream Cruise, my favorite part of it was riding shotgun in an old muscle car — I am blanking on year and model right now, but I do recall it was a Chevy, possibly a tricked-out Impala — as the owner trundled up and down Woodward.

Whether you’ve been to any Car Week event or you just check out the coverage from the events, what is your favorite part? The old iron in Pebble, the muscle cars in Michigan, or something else?

[Image: Pebble Beach Concours]

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