QOTD: Have You Any Dealership Stories?


You’ve likely heard about the craziness that’s happening at car dealerships right now. We’ve reported on insane markups, for example. And I’ve heard whispers, anecdotally, that so-and-so’s friend’s co-worker’s cousin who’s going with this girl who works at 31 Flavors got screwed when trying to buy a new car.

Our friendly rivals down the blog way at Jalopnik have linked to an NPR story about car-dealer horror stories today. The NPR story is a deep dive into so-called “stealerships” and I am curious if you folks have experience with these less-than-scrupulous dealers.

That said, I am also curious if even stores that normally have a reputation for being honest and ethical, as well as stores that are sort of in the muddled middle (neither known for being particularly honest or dishonest), are behaving in unusual ways due to the unusual times we live in.

I have not set foot in a dealership in a long time, and it was related to a project I was working on for my bosses, so I don’t have personal experience recently, but you guys might.

Positive experiences are also welcome here.

If so, let’s hear it. How bad (or good) is it out there?

[Image: Shutterstock.com user Mikbiz]

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