QOTD: Do Automotive Executives Make Too Much?


Automotive News has a story out showing that for automaker bosses who have been in their position for at least two years, median pay has risen 90 percent since 2020.

The story is accompanied by a chart with salary numbers, and some of the numbers are staggering, even knowing that CEOs tend to be extremely well compensated in this day and age.

CEO compensation, of course, comes from more than just base salary — there are bonuses and incentives and stock options and other forms of pay. But no matter how you slice, the total compensation for these execs is eye-popping.

Feel free to peruse the numbers for yourself. Then come back here and tell us — do these CEOs make too much money, or are they being paid appropriately to steer the ship?

[Image: Naresh111/Shutterstock.com]

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