QOTD: Beating the Heat


Wild Jack Photography/Shutterstock.com

It’s hot almost everywhere in this country right now.

Air conditioners are straining. The words “heat dome” are in the news. Climate change is being discussed.

We’re going to ask you, the B and B, a question that can be answered without relating to cars — how do you beat the heat?

Do you crank the A/C in your car, maybe on recirc? Sunroof open but windows up and A/C on? Windows down, even if you have A/C? Or have you bought a convertible?

While we’d like to keep this related to cars, feel free to tell us how you keep cool at home, too. I’m making my two window units work, and they work reasonably well, but they don’t cover the whole place — the kitchen and bathroom aren’t nearly as cool as the living and dining rooms and (thank God) the bedroom.

Still, sometimes I wish I lived in a newer building with central air.

Anyway, tell us how you’re staying cool. Hopefully reading TTAC is part of the deal.

[Image: Wild Jack Photography/Shutterstock.com]

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