President Biden Goes Truckin’ With Ford


President Biden. Image: Ford

There are lots of pros to being the president of the United States. There are also many cons. To me, two of the biggest drawbacks would be the ever-present threat of assassination and having to give up driving forever.

Well, the current commander-in-chief is a car guy, and President Joe Biden reminded us of his automotive bona fides while giving Ford a nice PR boost. He did so by toolin’ around in a truck.

More specifically, the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning.

Biden was in Dearborn, Michigan to tout his infrastructure plan, dubbed the American Jobs Plan, and to talk up the future of electric vehicles — and how America needs to beat China at the EV game.

Part of his plan includes government assistance via tax credits to help establish EV and battery production in the States, more incentives for consumers to buy EVs, more focus on electrifying the medium- and heavy-duty truck fleet, more EV charging stations, and upgrades to the electric grid.

Coincidentally, I was just down I-94, leaving Ann Arbor after sampling the Volkswagen Taos. Perhaps I should’ve headed east instead of west and crashed this shindig?

The Lightning won’t even be officially unveiled until tomorrow — though one was parked, uncovered, in the background — but like a buff-book journalist on a long-lead media drive, Biden got an early chance at driving the truck.

He even provided a review, saying “this sucker’s quick.” Maybe Biden wants to trade the White House Resolute Desk for a home office and a car reviewer’s salary?

If so, my editorial feedback is this: Concise, Joe, but far short of our minimum word count for a review. Still, if you find yourself unemployed in 2025, TTAC does welcome pitches.

That is, if the rules change and ex-presidents are allowed to drive again.

[Image: Ford]

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