Nissan Z Proto Spec Markups Are Absurd


Look, we knew there was a lot of hype around the new Nissan Z. Rightfully so, as our first drive showed. And we know that quantities of any new model from any brand are usually limited at launch in a normal year — and supply-chain problems across the industry, along with the pandemic’s lingering effects on production, have made 2022 anything but a normal year for autos.

Still, the markups being charged for Nissan Z Proto Specs strike us as absurd.

According to posters on our parent company’s Nissan Z forums, the markups are wild. One poster showed an ad for a Proto Spec car at $125,000, with the dealer (Nissan of Irvine, presumably in Irvine, CA) reminding buyers that less than 300 units of Proto Spec trim would be built.

Another dealership, this one in Kentucky (Jeff Wyler Nissan), was spotted charging a $50K markup. Meanwhile, a forum poster found Mike Rezi Nissan selling one for $79K on

As a reminder, Nissan plans on building just 240 Proto Specs for the American market, with an MSRP of $52,990 for either the automatic or manual transmission. That doesn’t include the $1,025 destination fee.

We’ve reached out to Nissan for comment and will update if we hear back.

[Image: Nissan]

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