Mercedes Teases New GLC


Automakers remain enamored with slowly teasing new and upcoming products, choosing to release dribs and drabs of information rather than smacking us in the face with all the details at once. Cynics in our audience will (rightly) point out it gives us a news story to run. Congratulations, Sherlock – you’re totally onto us.

Next up is a shadowy image of the next GLC crossover from Mercedes-Benz. That’s the bite-sized machine that serves as a gateway drug introductory model for many customers to the three-pointed star lifestyle in an endless quest to one-up the neighbors.

Adding a dose of aggressive illumination to the original teaser photo helps reveal some details, such as a typical two-box crossover shape and a set of angry new slashes in the jowls of the new GLC’s rear bumper cover. Its taillights are notably slimmer than the current model, though the DLO (Sajeev would be proud of us using that word) remains virtually identical to what’s on sale today, especially as contained in the rear side door.

We will note there is no fuel door on the left flank of a present-day GLC, suggesting the model shown in this teaser has either switched sides for that portal (unlikely) or gained a door for charging the Mercedes gubbins of a plug-in hybrid system (very likely). Right now, Americans can select from a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-banger or a twin-turbo V6 bearing an AMG badge. The latter mill is good for nearly 400 horsepower.

Another detail in the bumf is a note that the next GLC will have “standard-fit 4MATIC all-wheel drive”. While that turn of phrase is suspiciously Yurpean, it comes from the American media page and suggests the front-drive GLC is headed for the bin. That model is currently on offer for $43,580 with all-wheel drive costing an extra two grand. Of course, if the engineers at Merc decide to append an extra electric motor in there somewhere, the mandatory presence of all-wheel drive will be easily explained.

The company will unveil its new GLC on June 1st at 11:00 am Eastern on its variety of (where else?) social media properties.

[Images: Mercedes-Benz]

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