Meet Cardle, the Newest Way to Waste Time Online



You’re no doubt familiar by now with Wordle, the easy to learn yet often challenging to win word game that caught fire online, figuratively speaking, a while back.

Or maybe you’ve played a game that’s based on Wordle but focuses on one topic, like Gordle (hockey players) or Canada (Canuckle).

Maybe you waste the company’s time on geography-based games like Worldle or music-based ones like Heardle.

However you pass your lunch hour (or that Zoom meeting that could’ve been an email), you might be interested to learn there is at least one car-themed game out there.

It’s called Cardle, and like the other puzzle games, it gives you six guesses to figure out the winning object/word/song. In this case, if it wasn’t already obvious, the object is a car. You look at pictures that show bits of the exterior, and you try to piece together what make and model car it is (it doesn’t appear to make you sweat the model year). Win or lose, you get one play per day.

Since it’s Friday and you’re probably doing jack squat at work anyway, go check it out.

[Image: Screenshot]

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