Matchbox Moves Towards 100% Recycled Materials



Matchbox is headed towards 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based materials by 2030. Is this the end of die-cast cars as we know them?



In an announcement today, Mattel said these are its goals across all products and packaging. The company’s manifesto, the Drive Toward A Better Future, calls for zero-plastic packaging. Forest Stewardship Council-certified (FSC) paper products are on the shelf starting now. Matchbox cars came in little cardboard boxes when Mattel bought the company. Now, they’ve gone full circle in leaving environmentally-unfriendly clamshell packaging behind.

The Hawthorne, California-based toymaker is going to change how kids play by introducing more ecologically-friendly vehicles. They intend to steer kids towards a more sustainable future through promoting green technologies and behaviors. Hence, their Earth-friendly approach to toy manufacturing. Using Matchbox die-casts as the driving force, you’re going to see more miniature electric and hybrid vehicles. Kids are being taught responsible behaviors. Tools include a Matchbox recycling truck and a Fuel Station, with an EV charger.

Leading off the brand’s reintroduction is a Tesla Roadster die-cast, made of 99-percent recycled materials – recycled zinc, plastic, and stainless steel. Carbon neutrality was achieved. Toys were created in more ecologically-friendly ways. Remaining carbon emissions were balanced by supporting grasslands conservation projects. It also has an inner tray made of 70-percent bio-based, potato-derived material.


Lost in all this environmental goodness is Barbie and Chelsea, who blindly enjoy their Splashtastic Pool Surprise with none of the consciousness attached to the car toys.


Thankfully, if you do not wish to partake of this movement towards social responsibility before the age of ten, over at the Hot Wheels website there’s no mention of environmental anything. The Hot Wheels id Rodger Dodger has what appears to be a blown Hemi engine sticking out of the hood, with zoomie exhaust pipes, and redline tires. An embedded chip records track speed and lap count.

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[Images: Mattel]

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