Lincoln Star Concept: Rejuvenation, Anyone?


Lincoln is promising three new fully-electric vehicles by 2025. Ford’s luxury arm took the wraps off of a concept previewing one of them last night.

Lincoln claims a fourth EV will debut by 2026.

The concept hints at the design the brand will employ for its EVs — that’s one news nugget we were able to glean from a buzzword-heavy press release that prompted eye rolls from this editor.

We do know the doors will be backlit and the star in the Lincoln logo will light up when drivers approach the vehicle. We also know that the planned platform will be able to accommodate rear-wheel or all-wheel-drive setups.

Lincoln also promises that its EVs will be able to wirelessly “talk” to other vehicles and infrastructure and that there will be new advanced driver-aid systems, such as what Lincoln calls “Help Me See” and “Park for Me.” Both seem self-explanatory.

The concept’s cabin has wraparound seating, a “lounge posture”, leg rests, device storage, and a glass cooler for beverages.

The A- and D-pillars are transparent with metal latticework that is visible from the inside, and there’s a full skylight with a digital shade. There are infotainment screens for both seating rows, and Lincoln offers three “rejuvenation” modes that are meant to help occupants relax. They’re tied to the time of day, and Lincoln makes vague promises about how software updates could lead to more customization in the future.

There’s a front trunk with glass that can shift from transparent to opaque, one-pedal driving, a floating instrument panel, a hidden compartment for secure storage of expensive electronic devices like laptops that also has wireless charging, and a cargo-area outdoor chair.

The Star is a concept, so it’s hard to say what, if any, features are slated for production any time soon. Our take is that it brings back the old-fashioned, uh, concept of having concept cars — something auto shows have been sorely lacking. It could’ve been the star of the New York Auto Show last week (pun fully intended).

Oh well. No matter when the wraps came off, it looks pretty good, and some of the features sound useful, while others seem silly (rejuvenation modes? Really?). We’ll be keeping an eye on Lincoln to see what actually makes production.

[Images: Lincoln]

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