JLR CEO Takes a Tumble In L.A.


Auto-show parties sometimes get out of hand. Most of the shenanigans don’t reach you, the car-buying public, for one reason or another. One major reason is lack of newsworthiness: It’s one thing if a lubricated PR rep confirms some new product that’s supposed to be secret. It’s another if a PR rep sings karaoke poorly.

One thing would make it to the pages of TTAC and maybe a rival site like Jalopnik. The other would not. No matter how bad some PR chief is at warbling “Sweet Caroline.”

Then again, if TMZ is in the house, all bets are off.

The well-known digital gossip rag apparently either was at the Jaguar Land Rover party, featuring famed rapper/musician Wyclef Jean, or TMZ had a well-placed source. I don’t know, I wasn’t there — I was either elsewhere with Nissan or snoozing away in my hotel bed.

Anyway, Mr. Jean apparently hoisted JLR boss Joe Eberhardt on his shoulders and things went … bad. Let’s just say the human tower failed the moose test.

If you’re inclined to see a major car-company head ride a grownup’s shoulders as if he’s a child asking to see over the crowd at a parade, you can click here. If you do, you’ll also see the fall that led Eberhardt to cancel interviews this morning.

Or so I am told — we hadn’t planned to chat with him. But word is the man took the morning, if not the day, off.

Only in L.A.

[Image: Jaguar Land Rover]

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