Hyundai Recalls Over 100K Palisades


Hyundai has recalled almost 123,000 Palisade crossover SUVs due to a windshield-wiper motor issue.

The wiper motor on Palisades built between April 10, 2019 and February 16, 2021, could stop working without warning. Hyundai has identified 57 incidents.

Sometimes the wipers only work intermittently, other times they don’t work at all. The latter appears to happen mostly when the blades are impeded by snow or ice.

Despite the obvious safety concerns involved here, no deaths or injuries involving the broken wiper motors have been reported.

Although the recall is just now being issued, Hyundai has been monitoring the situation since August 2020, when it started to notice a high number of warranty claims involving the wiper motor. An investigation was begun in November 2021, and though results were inconclusive, the company has still decided to start a recall campaign.

The company stopped using the affected wiper motors in 2020. If you own a Palisade that’s old enough to be included in this recall, keep an eye on your mailbox — the company plans to start sending notices to the owners of affected vehicles in October.

[Image: Hyundai]

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