How Can Ford Attract Younger Mustang Buyers?



Poking around ye olde Internet today, I came across this Motor1 piece that aggregates an interview that MuscleCarsandTrucks did. The interview is with Ford’s Mustang marketing manager, Jim Owens, and concerns, at least in part, the graying hairs of the average Mustang buyer and how Ford can get younger folks behind the wheel of the venerable pony car.

Owens seems to believe that younger buyers want an ownership experience that is more experiential — think autocross instead of showing one’s car at Cars and Coffee. I suspect there may be other factors at play, t00. For example, the Mustang made its bones as an affordable sports car, but a well-equipped GT costs well over $40K these days, and it doesn’t take many clicks on the build and price tool to turn an affordable EcoBoost coupe into one that costs over $35K, especially if you want the high-performance engine and/or certain creature comforts.

The interview also mentions that Ford has created Mustang clubs for Millennial-aged buyers.

So, what strategy, or combination thereof, will help bring the average age of Mustang buyers down? Lower prices, outreach to buyers in the Millennial and younger age group (the oldest Millennials are in their early 40s now), or more experiences at events that go beyond showing off a parked car? What other ideas are missing?

[Image: Ford]

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