Housekeeping: Happy Memorial Day


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As per usual when a holiday approaches, TTAC will be taking some time off.

We’ll be closing ‘er down some time this afternoon, and Monday is an off day. You may see the occasional story here or there, especially if news breaks, but we’re going to unchain ourselves from our desks for the most part.

Also, another quick housekeeping note: If you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll see it today. I was traveling and had no chance to send it yesterday.

As usual, stay safe, don’t drink and drive, take the appropriate COVID precautions (such as masking in crowded indoor places), and be safe. Take a moment to remember that while the weekend has turned into a time for BBQs and furniture sales, it was meant to celebrate and remember those who died fighting for American values — the kind of values that just about all of us, left or right, agree on. Remember the sacrifice those folks made.

We’ll be back Tuesday. See you then.

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