Housekeeping: Happy Labo(u)r Day


Lukas Gojda/

It’s Labo(u)r Day on both sides of the border on Monday, so us hard-working bloggers/writers/editors are taking it easy peasy until Tuesday.

It’s fitting that the holiday is the same day on both sides of the border since I just watched Super Troopers 2 the other day (somehow, that wasn’t even the first time I’d seen it). The movie is just one long riff on American/Canadian relations, complete with jokes that were worn out when John Candy made Canadian Bacon. Yet it’s all in fun — Americans and Canadians have plenty in common, after all. Anyway, this whole paragraph has been a tortured way of saying that as the movie shows, the two countries have more common ground than we realize. Including Labor — or Labour — Day.

Although it has been a long time since a Canadian NHL team lifted the Cup, eh? Sore-y aboot that one.

Anyway, we’re shutting ‘er down, more or less, until Tuesday. Take it easy, don’t drink and drive, mask up against the coronavirus when indoors around strangers, get vaccinated, and stay healthy and safe.

We’ll see you next week.

[Image: Lukas Gojda/]

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