GMC Hummer SUV Unveiled As Lineup Expands


GMC is using the Final Four to take the wraps off of the next part of the all-electric Hummer lineup — the Hummer EV SUV.

Unsurprisingly, the SUV shares looks and the Ultium platform with the pickup truck. It also offers an Edition 1 trim, as well, at launch.

Customers will get, as standard, 22-inch wheels. They’ll also get assist steps and floor liners.

Those who opt for the Extreme off-road package will get 18-inch wheels with 35-inch tires, underbody armor, rock sliders, electronic front locker and what GMC calls “virtual” rear lockers (basically a simulation of a locking differential for the dual-motor drive unit), heavy-duty half-shafts, underbody cameras, and other goodies.

Extract Mode — which allows the suspension to be raised up to six inches to help the driver “extract” him or herself from tricky situations — will be available. So, too, will the CrabWalk feature that allows for diagonal movement.

There is, of course, a rear-mounted spare tire.

Other key specs include a 126.7-inch wheelbase, a 35.4-foot turning circle, available four-wheel steer, and removable roof.

GMC is promising up to 300 miles of range on the Edition 1, which has a 20-module Ultium battery. Horsepower is listed at up to 830 and torque at up to 11,500 lb-ft.

SuperCruise hands-free driving will be available, as well.

Trims brake down as follows: Base ($79,995), 2X ($89,995), 3X ($99,995), Edition 1 ($105,595), and Edition 1 with Extreme Off-Road package ($110,595). The 2X and 3X will be available in spring 2023, with the Edition 1 and Edition 1 Extreme available early that year. The base model follows in spring 2024.

The base and 2X have a bit less power, at up to 625 hp and up to 7,400 lb-ft of torque. The base has a range around 250 miles, while Extreme Edition 1s will check in around 280.

Similarly, base and 2X models use dual-motor setups, while it’s three motors otherwise. All have 20-module batteries, save the base, which is 16. Base-model buyers can pay extra for 20-modules and 300 miles of range, and 2X and 3X shoppers can get the Extreme package.

Charging starts at 400V, with 800V/300 kW available.

GMC will reveal more details regarding features on Monday.

So yeah, the Hummer is fully back. Now, however, aggro bros can claim, more or less honestly, that they’re not killing the environment. Or at least that they’re doing less damage than Hummers did before.

[Images: GMC]

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