Ford Will Make a “Splash”



Our corporate siblings have stumbled across a patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that seems to suggest Ford will be bringing back the “Splash” name.

It could be set for use with either the Ranger and/or the all-new Maverick.

The application says it’s for: “Motor vehicles, namely, automobiles, pick-up trucks, electric vehicles, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and their structural parts; vehicle equipment package consisting of wheels, exterior body parts and seats”.

That latter part suggests to us that the Splash will be a street-performance truck like it was as part of the Ranger line back in the ’90s. It could also be electrified in some way. Then again, the application also lists off-road and SUV use.

Maybe Splash will become a package or trim offered across the Ford lineup, perhaps as a street-performer (maybe hybrid or EV) in some cases and more off-road oriented in others?

We shall see. But with the return of Maverick and now the report of the use of the name Splash, everything old is really starting to feel new. Trends really are cyclical, eh?

[Image: Ford]

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