Ford to Drop Diesel F-150 This Week



Sorry, diesel fans. Just three years after introducing a Power Stroke diesel for the F-150, Ford is dropping the diesel option.

And doing so with haste.

If you want to grab one of the last ones available, you have until Friday to do it.

Part of the problem, says Autoblog, is that the turbocharged gas options make more power and cost less than the diesel’s $4,995 price. They offer better towing capacity, to boot.

There’s also a hybrid model that is slightly cheaper, has slightly better towing, and is on par in terms of fuel economy.

Of course, diesel engines offer something gas engines don’t — low-end grunt.

While the diesel no longer seems to be the best powertrain option on paper, some buyers will still miss it. For the rest, special order by Friday or forever hold your peace.

Or, you know, save your dough for the upcoming Lightning.

[Image: Ford]

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