Ford Claims 20K Lightning Reservations Already


Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford F-150 Lightning has been the hot topic of the day in the auto world since its unveiling last night, and we here at TTAC HQ are no exception.

Just this morning, our Slack discussion was about the truck’s sales potential. We came to the not-at-all surprising conclusion that yes, it will sell.

Early data seems to suggest that we’re right about that. Ford opened up reservations last night, at $100 a pop, and the company claims that during the first 12 hours, 20,000 folks have already raised their hands to plunk down a Benjamin to get a spot in line.

Those who plan to put more of their money where their, uh, money already is will have to actually order their truck later this year. Ford is also saying that first-year production may be limited but didn’t toss out a number.

If you’re wondering, Tesla also put a $100 price tag on reservations for its futuristic-looking Cybertruck and claimed to get 250,000 reservations within five days of its unveiling. Of course, that truck was first shown in November 2019 and doesn’t appear close to production, while Ford plans to have the first Lightnings on lots about a year from now.

Regardless of whether the Ford is on sale before or after the Tesla, one thing seems certain — Ford will move Lightnings a plenty.

[Image: Ford]

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