Ford Bronco Hardtops to be Replaced, Delays Continue


Ford Bronco

Ford is continuing to have hard-top issues with the Bronco. So much so, that according to Bronco6G via Autoblog, the company will replace all the molded-in-color hardtops it has built up to now.

So those buyers lucky enough to have taken possession of a Bronco with molded-in-color hardtop will get it replaced. Those who haven’t yet gotten their Bronco will have to wait.

Broncos built but not yet delivered will be held for the replacement. That could explain reports of photos of Broncos just chilling out in parking lots.

Replacement hard tops should arrive in September, with updates to build and delivery times happening in October.

This means that if you’re a reservation holder that hasn’t yet gotten a scheduled build date, you’re probably getting a 2022 model unless you reserved a First Edition. Production for 2022s begins in December of this year.

2022 models will get some new color choices, plus the Sasquatch Package with available manual transmission.

Ford is trying to do some make goods, such as $1,100 in reward points for accessories. Those who reserved before March 21 of 2020 will be immune from price hikes in the MSRP up until the 2023 model year, and soft-top buyers will get the hardtop thrown in for free.

Soft tops are unaffected by these delays, and Ford says switching your order from hard to soft (giggity) could get you a Bronco sooner. So, too, could you get a Bronco sooner if you avoid other options, like the Wildtrak trim, the Sasquatch package, the V6, the Luxury Package, and the Trailer Tow Package.

If you have an order placed and want to make changes, contact your local dealer. If you do so before production of your vehicle is scheduled, you won’t lose your place in line.

[Image: Ford]

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