Electrify America Enables Apple CarPlay, Android Auto


EV drivers, take note — if you use Electrify America’s app to find chargers, the app will soon have support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

This means if your car is so equipped, you’ll be able to use either CarPlay or Auto to activate the app and find nearby chargers — all of the company’s approximately 650 charging stations are listed — as well as to see if chargers are in use or what capacity they have. The app can also be used to remotely start and stop charging sessions.

This news comes as Electrify America aims to triple its network over the next four years. It also puts the company more on par with Tesla, which uses its in-car software to help drivers find the nearest Supercharger location.

This is hardly earth-shattering news, but it does mean life is about to get more convenient for those who drive non-Tesla EVs and often find themselves looking for chargers in unfamiliar areas.

It’s one more small step towards improving EV charging infrastructure. Not quite as good as an increase in the number of chargers, but helpful nonetheless.

[Image: Electrify America]

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