Don’t Be So Fast to Get Charged Up: Ford Lightning Delayed. Maybe.



The same forum that told us to anticipate the order bank opening for the 2022 Ford Lightning next week is now saying “not so fast, my friend” (apologies to Lee Corso).

A forum user saw a note from a dealer suggesting that the order-bank opening has been delayed to December. The note was posted in a Facebook group.

The note says the truck will still be delivered on time.

Here it is, in full, with curses directed at whoever shared a screen shot I can’t C and P: “Unfortunately, the Lightning order banks will not be opening next week. They will now be opening in December 2021. I will reach back out in December to scheduled [sic] appointments to order Lightnings at that time. The arrival of the Lightning has not been delayed and is still due to arrive in mid-2022. Thank you.” I’ve redacted the salesperson’s info, but the dealership appears to be in Georgia.

The mystery, to the extent that it even existed in the first place, deepens.

[Image: Ford]

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