Could the Nissan Z Be a Secret Infiniti Q60 Replacement?



Tonight’s the night. The wraps finally officially come off the next Nissan Z.

Your humble author is sitting at a Starbucks in Brooklyn, counting the hours until tonight’s unveiling. And thinking about the future of not just the Z, but Infiniti.

That sounds weird, I know. What does Nissan’s luxury brand have to do with the Z?

Hear me out.

Last week, as we planned our coverage, my boss and I were batting around an idea. What if the Z acts as an unofficial replacement for the Infiniti Q60?

There’s an argument to be made for that — the new Z probably will be priced similarly to the Q, and Infiniti is struggling a bit these days, in part because it seems to have lost its performance-luxury appeal. Infiniti also seems, like most brands, to be heavily crossover-focused these days.

Not to mention the Q60 rides on the FM platform, which it shares with the old Z, and the new Z, for all its changes, is expected to remain on the FM platform as well.

I did ping Infiniti to see if they’d spill any beans, but PR will of course not say anything revealing about future product. The response I got talked up the current Q60 while carefully avoiding any mention of the car’s future.

Personally, I hope the Z and Q60 both continue to exist — we need more sports coupes in this world. And if the new Z is good, I hope Infiniti can use its bones, lux them up a bit, and make the Q60 into a true BMW 4-Series/Lexus RC fighter.

What say you, Best and Brightest?

[Image: Infiniti]

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