Chatting Cars With Robby DeGraff



The TTAC podcast is back, and we were aggressively Midwest this time around.

Former New Yorker turned (really, returned) Michigander Matt Posky and our Canadian news guru Matthew Guy sat this one out as we rotated in two other members of this merry band of madness — Chris Tonn and Corey Lewis. And we brought Robby DeGraff, an analyst from AutoPacific, on as a guest.

Longtime readers know I’m a Chicagoan, and Chris and Corey are Ohioans. Robby resides in the Great Land of Cheese, otherwise known as Wisconsin. Somehow, no one said “ope” during the hour.

We discussed the general state of the automotive industry, the state of the EV market, and small trucks. With some detours here and there, as always. Stick around past the final curtain to hear us talking about BMW’s propensity to overcharge for options.

One tech note: I know my mic sounds a bit less clear than the others. I have a podcast mic, so I am not sure what the issue is, but we’ll keep working to get the audio mix better.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening. Click here, or the link above, to listen.

[Image: Ford]

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