Another One: Geely Announces Zeekr EV Brand


Geely Auto Group has announced the formation of an electric technology firm and automotive brand called Zeekr Company Limited. With the Chinese group already holding numerous mobility-focused brands with a penchant for electrification, it’s a bit curious to see it launching another one. But Geely has indicated that Zeekr will be aimed at the premium EV market using a similar business model as Lynk & Co.

That likely means selling vehicles as a service, rather than a product owned by the driver — something we’ve been incredibly wary of since the industry starting mulling over things like subscription services and online sales. Owned jointly owned by Geely Automobile Holdings and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, the plan is to start launching products in China before the end of 2021. It’s quite the swift turnaround, leading us to believe there will be some platform sharing with other Geely-owned automotive brands. New product is said to be introduced every twelve months over the next five years. 

From Geely:

Under the plans, Zeekr will use Geely Holding Group’s leading Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) and will include its own battery technologies, battery management systems, electric motor technologies and electric vehicle supply chain support. By utilizing SEA technologies, Zeekr vehicles will be able to offer software upgrades throughout the lifetime of every vehicle through Over the Air Upgrades as well as offering an unrivalled luxury vehicle experience in terms of comfort and performance.

Zeekr will become the latest electrification initiative within the wider Geely Holding Group, in which other companies such as Volvo have recently announced ambitious zero-emission strategies. Other electrified vehicle brands within Geely Holding, including Lynk & Co, Polestar, LEVC, Geometry and Lotus Cars are also continuing to expand in different market segments, providing consumers with a wide range of electrified products and unique business offerings.

There’s not much to go on beyond Geely’s assurance that Zeekr will be providing luxury-minded products and have a decent lineup by 2025. While the promise of the Sustainable Experience Architecture could similarly lead to entirely new products, the manufacturer frequently leans upon badge-engineered products. Zeekr cars may just turn out to be slightly nicer versions of the same vehicles sold by Geely’s other brands. For now, China is the only market on the horizon. But the Geely said it had larger aspirations for the new company and was actively exploring “opportunities to satisfy global market demand for premium electric vehicles.”

[Images: Jenson/Shutterstock; Geely Auto]

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