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If there’s one thing we learned from our college years, it’s that it never hurts to have a wingman–someone you can rely on to have your back and look out for you, no matter what comes your way. Which also happens to describe the fine folks at XenonPro, thanks to their array of high-performance LED and HID bulbs and dash cams. Just think of ’em as your second set of eyes out there on the road.

Backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty and supported by a team of expert technicians, this is a company that prides itself on manufacturing superior-quality products aimed at drivers who prioritize performance and safety while behind the wheel. Which is why we’re teaming up to offer TTAC readers a 10% discount on the XenonPro product line; just enter the promo code TTAC10 at checkout. Oh, and be sure to take advantage of their offer for free two-day shipping to the US and Canada on all orders — all of which makes for a far better wingman than I had in college. (Thanks for nothing, Brad.)

Here’s a closer look at the variety of products XenonPro has to offer.

LED Headlights

Few things are more irritating than a dim set of headlamps. Safety organizations like the IIHS have started to put additional focus on the brightness, and quality, of forward illumination, but not every new vehicle on the road passes the grade quite yet. This goes double for older machines.

XenonPro LED Headlights

Luckily, the line of LED headlights offered by XenonPro provides a substantial light output increase compared to standard halogen peepers. These lights are also extremely energy-efficient, meaning they generally last longer than traditional bulbs. In XenonPro’s case, it’s roughly three times longer, thanks to LEDs that are rated for up to 45,000 hours of service.

Installation is also extremely straightforward thanks to XenonPro’s plug-and-play design. Just make sure you’re purchasing the correct configuration for your particular application, using the site’s convenient selection tool. Once you’ve settled on the right bulb, installation can easily be completed at home, generally in less than half an hour depending on your vehicle.

HID Headlights

Building on the LED advantages are XenonPro’s high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps. These forward-facing illuminators deploy Xenon technology to light the path ahead. While installation isn’t much more difficult than what we just described above for the brand’s LED bulbs, HIDs frequently require an extra bit of included hardware — called a ballast — to operate properly. Luckily, the company’s ultra-slim “smart” ballasts are exceptionally easy to mount. While a home will be needed for the unit, most vehicles — even those with extremely tight under hood quarters — have the real estate for this addition.

XenonPro Xenon HID Headlights

Once you’ve got them installed, however, the difference should be immediately clear. XenonPro’s HID kits range in brightness from 5,500 to 8,000 lumens, with a variety of different color temperatures available: from yellow to pure white, even blue and purple. And while these bulbs are significantly brighter than your standard halogens, thanks to XenonPro’s anti-glare tech, you won’t have to worry about unintentionally blinding other drivers—meaning you’re not the only one on the road who’ll be driving safer thanks to XenonPro.

Dash Cams

Long the source of entertaining (and/or terrifying) YouTube fodder, dash cams have risen in popularity over the last few years for a variety of reasons. Racers use ’em on the track to assess their driving lines, but regular drivers also frequently deploy them for safety reasons during their daily commute. After all, our roads can be a charter for insurance fraudsters and having a visual record of what really happened is the very definition of “better safe than sorry.”

XenonPro Dash Cameras

XenonPro’s line of dash cameras consists of eight models with screens ranging from 1.5” all the way up to 4”. Look for a unit which best fits your needs and budgets, while weighing the various cam features. The XenonPro DC09, for instance, is a dual-lens option, recording 1080p Ultra HD in front of your vehicle and 720p Full HD inside the cabin, making it a premium pick for those looking for added peace of mind, including taxi and rideshare drivers.

Regardless of which dash cam you choose, with XenonPro, you’re assured of wide-angle coverage as well as superior night vision, as well as automatic on/off to prevent the camera from becoming a power drain. You’re also getting that second set of eyes when you need them most, thanks to motion detection sensors and impact-sensitive recording that automatically clue the camera in when it’s time to start recording. All of this in a 100% shock- and rumble-proof package.

Portable Jump Starters

If you’re the type of driver who feels safer knowing you’re prepared for anything, a portable jump starter makes a wise addition to your roadside emergency kit – and XenonPro’s array of handheld units are an extremely popular pick for exactly this reason.

XenonPro Portable Jump Starters

With five available models that correspond to the size of your engine but are small enough to tuck away in your glove box, don’t mistake their compact size for lack of capability. The most robust XenonPro unit, the JS1005, packs enough juice — boasting a peak current of 1,500 amps and a battery life of up to 30,000 mAh — to zap over two dozen cars back to life before needing a recharge. (Thanks to the included USB and USB-C ports, it can also be enlisted to power your tablet, smartphone, or other electronics for hours on end.) No matter which you opt for, you’re getting superior safety, thanks to premium features like over-current and reverse polarity protection.

Simply put, these things are built to get you back on the road, and fast, with key features like a powerful LED flashlight built-in, as well as the option to include a portable air compressor with your purchase—since a dead battery and a flat tire are the two most common car troubles you’re likely to run into while out on the road.

Pro tip for those shopping for portable jump starters: look for a device — like the ones offered by XenonPro — that come with a dedicated on/off switch. This permits the power to flow immediately to the jump leads instead of relying on a trickle charge from a nearly-dead battery to ‘wake up.’ This last bit is key if you ever find yourself fiddling with a car whose battery has gone completely flat.

Visit XenonPro.com for more.

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