2023 Kia Sportage Slated for Updates, U.S. Specs Unclear



Kia’s Sportage has slipped a bit below the radar recently, thanks to the brand’s mega-popular Telluride and a strong media push to get the news about the new Sorento out there.

Yet it hasn’t been forgotten. Indeed, it’s slated for updates for 2023.

Parsing the details is a bit tricky, as Kia’s press release is meant for global media and U.S. specs aren’t broken out. The brand’s U.S. media website didn’t even have a release as of 10:15 CST this morning, so we’re sourcing the folks over at the blog about autos, AKA Autoblog. That site reports the base engine will be a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder making 178 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque. Those are global numbers — AB thinks the output could get tweaked to match the power that the engine makes in another application: The K5 sedan.

A dual-clutch, seven-speed automatic seems the likely gearbox. We doubt that the American model will get the available diesel engine — or manual transmission.

We might, however, get two electrified models — a “regular” hybrid and a plug-in. Specs have not yet been released for either.


We do know there will likely be an electronic suspension with continuously active damping and a system that uses a combination of supplying torque to/braking of individual wheels to make for tighter turns. That latter bit should be part of the hybrid package.

A Terrain mode can adjust to unpaved terrain for light-duty off-road runs, and do so automatically. An X-Line trim will provide a more rugged look, while a GT-Line trim will use two-tone color schemes for a sportier appearance.

Kia did provide a length — 183 inches, which is a gain of six over the current/outgoing model. Autoblog notes the rear headroom and legroom numbers seem to suggest the Kia betters its class rivals.

As is often the case, the full picture has yet to be revealed, especially for the American market. If the Sportage tickles your crossover fancy, watch this space.

[Images: Kia]

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