VinFast to Pay Customers Who Need Extended Repairs


vinfast to pay customers who need extended repairs

VinFast had some stumbles out of the gate with its U.S. vehicle launch, racking up seriously mixed reviews and delaying the rollout with technology hiccups. The company is now working to ease the ownership experience for owners who have problems with their EVs, offering payouts for service issues.

Automotive News reported that VinFast owners can receive between $100 and $300 per issue and up to $100 per day after the vehicle sits in the shop for more than three days. This is on top of the automaker’s new vehicle warranty, which covers defects for ten years or 120,000 miles.

VinFast currently sells directly to buyers but is recruiting dealers across the country with a goal of 125 third-party dealers by the end of 2024. Like all new automakers, the company has to work to build trust and attract customers in a crowded and rapidly moving market.

It’s unclear if VinFast is doing this in response to customer feedback or if it’s purely a move to attract buyers. Electric vehicles tend to have fewer routine maintenance needs, but some components, such as the batteries, are incredibly expensive to repair or replace. VinFast has only sold 237 new vehicles in California this year, but it’s easy to see a situation where this policy could become an expensive one for the company.

[Image: VinFast]

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