Toyota Re-Launched Land Cruiser “70” in Japan


toyota re launched land cruiser 70 in japan

But we can all go pound sand in North America, unfortunately. Such are the joys – and challenges – of our global marketplace. Nevertheless, off-road gearheads in other parts of the world will be able to avail themselves of this tremendously square beast, showing up for duty with a 2.8L turbodiesel.

That’s a mill which also probably wouldn’t play well with regulators around these parts, by the way, despite belting out around 200 horsepower and likely returning good fuel economy in the process. We figure the 70 Series is likely to satisfy its customers with a rough-n-tumble frame, simple component structure, and rugged good looks. The rig is sized right between the 191.3-inch 4Runner and 193.7-inch new Land Cruiser, checking in at 192.5 inches. It is a couple of inches taller than the current LC, though a fair bit narrower.

toyota re launched land cruiser 70 in japan

Vertical lines abound, inside and out, as one would expect with a machine of this nature. Speaking of the cabin, it definitely harkens back to old-school ‘Yotas – ah, who are we kidding? A good many elements wouldn’t immediately look out of place in today’s 4Runner, another vehicle which leans into its utilitarian nature in terms of style if not in price. There isn’t a ton in the bumf about creature comforts but we do spy a relatively modern infotainment screen and a current-day gear selector standing in stark contrast to the throwback four-wheel drive lever living right next to it. The latter even retain a rubber accordion boot, just like nature and the off-road gods intended.

toyota re launched land cruiser 70 in japan

Interestingly, the Toyota website suggests the LC 70 will be available through a subscription service called Kinto. The outfit apparently includes insurance, tax, maintenance, and the like; signing up can be done online or at a Toyota dealership. It is suggested that prices for the New Land Cruiser “70” start at 45,760 Yen per month including tax which works out to just roughly $310 and change. Reading the fine print reveals that’s on a 7-year agreement with two additional payments of about $1,100 per year. Total cost is listed at 6.1M Yen or about $42,000 at today’s exchange rates. 

[Images: Toyota]

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