This 1970 Chevy Suburban Costs More Than Most Supercars


this 1970 chevy suburban costs more than most supercars

Icon’s vehicles have never been cheap, but its latest vehicle goes above and beyond. The company has long offered custom resto-modded SUVs with deep-six-figure price tags, and it’s now set its sights on the Chevy Suburban. Called the Reformer, the updated, hand-built SUV sports 1,000 horsepower and a $1.1 million starting price.

That’s a shocking number, but this is a one-of-one vehicle commissioned by a well-heeled Icon customer. Company CEO Jonathon Ward said. “This client wanted us to stretch creatively, which resulted in more aggressive performance and styling than we typically opt for.”

this 1970 chevy suburban costs more than most supercars

Icon will reveal the wild 1970 Suburban in the flesh on November 19th at a charity event in Southern California. The SUV started as a bone-stock factory three-door and got an NRE twin-turbo Alien LS 427 motor making 1,000 horsepower and 900 pound-feet of torque. Icon said it aimed for reliability with the setup, noting that the driver can idle with the AC on in traffic at 900 rpm.

Icon employed a custom four-wheel independent chassis for the build, and power reaches the wheels through a 4L85 automatic transmission. Brembo brakes, HRE custom wheels, and performance tires keep the SUV on the road and stopping safely. Interior touches include several hand-made bespoke touches, and Icon said it went over every button, knob, and dial as part of the project.

this 1970 chevy suburban costs more than most supercars

[Image: Icon]

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