The Tesla Roadster Might Finally Arrive Next Year


the tesla roadster might finally arrive next year

Tesla has this awesome habit of announcing a vehicle and then waiting several years to start selling it. The Cybertruck just went on sale in late 2023, four years after its reveal, but it’s not the worst offender on Tesla’s “Is it really coming?” list. That honor goes to the Tesla Roadster.

Announced in late 2017, the car was initially scheduled for release in 2020, but CEO Elon Musk pushed the date back, citing the need to focus on developing other models. Musk first set the date in 2023, but in a post on X this morning, he moved the goalpost again, this time to 2025.

“Tonight, we radically increased the design goals for the new Tesla Roadster. There will never be another car like this, if you could even call it a car,” Musk wrote. He went on to say that the car is a collaboration between Tesla and SpaceX, claiming that it could be “the most mind-blowing product demo of all time.”

Musk got his usual chorus of diehard supporters congratulating him, but one person’s question about the 0-60 time got an interesting response. Tesla fan Sawyer Merritt asked if the quickest version would do 0-60 mph in around one second, with Musk replying, “0-60mph < 1 sec. And that is the least interesting part.”

We don’t have solid pricing for the car, but most expect it to start somewhere around the $200,000 mark. Some configurations could crest the $250,000 mark, and buyers hoping to get ahold of one had to plop down a $50,000 deposit for the honor.

[Image: Tesla]

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