The Originator of the Duck Duck Jeep Movement Has Passed Away


the originator of the duck duck jeep movement has passed away

One of the things that seems to divide Jeep owners more than other issues is the little rubber ducks seen on dashboards at trails across the country. While they seem to be everywhere now, “ducking” Jeeps is a relatively new phenomenon, having only started during the pandemic. Sadly, though, the person behind the cheerful movement recently passed away.

Allison Parliament started placing rubber ducks on Jeeps during a pandemic-era road trip. After an unpleasant experience with a person at a gas station, she decided to spread some joy by writing a note on a duck and leaving it on the door handle of a modified Wrangler. The owner noticed her efforts and suggested she post a photo on social media, causing the hashtag to go viral.

the originator of the duck duck jeep movement has passed away

That set off a surprising tide of people sharing colorful rubber ducks with other members of the community. Jeep noticed her efforts and 60-foot inflatable duck outside the 2022 Detroit Auto Show, and the movement has gone international, with “duckings” reported on at least six continents.

Parliament, who became synonymous with the practice, made her last Instagram post on June 16.

“I got ducked today,” was the message, and her passing has brought a swell of support from the Jeep community. Several people took to Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms to voice their support for Parliament and the community she created, and regardless of how you feel about “ducking,” a little more kindness and understanding is something we can all appreciate.

the originator of the duck duck jeep movement has passed away

[Images: Davslens, Dolores M. Harvey, and Fillipo Carlot via Shutterstock]

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