The New Tesla Cyberquad is Less Likely to Injure Your Kids


the new tesla cyberquad is less likely to injure your kids

The Tesla Cybertruck is allegedly nearing its release, four years after its initial reveal. It’s been a long time, but if you can think back that far, you might remember the automaker showed an electric quad alongside the truck. Unfortunately, the toy had to be recalled for not meeting Consumer Product Safety Commission standards, but it recently returned to the market with less chance of injury.

Radio Flyer is responsible for the Cyberquad, which comes with a $1,900 price tag and is back on sale with no mention of the safety issues that plagued it before. That said, Tesla pointed out the quad’s safety certifications, stating that “The new Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids is a certified electric ride-on toy under ASTM F963 and meets U.S. Consumer Product Safety Standards for ride-on toys. Not approved or intended for use as a youth ATV.”

Radio Flyer replaced parts of the rear suspension and changed the age limit from 8 to 12 years to a minimum of nine years. The quad also picked up tire inflation warnings and labels clearly stating that it’s not meant for off-road use.

The Cyberquad has a 36-volt battery and a 500-watt motor that combine for a 10 mph top speed and 15 miles of range. Tesla offers the toy on its website and said that orders will begin shipping in late November.

[Image: Tesla]

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