Tesla Temporarily Cut Model Y Pricing


tesla temporarily cut model y pricing

The Tesla Model Y is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, but that hasn’t stopped the automaker from exploring new ways to boost buyer interest. Though it’s eligible for federal tax credits, Tesla is temporarily decreasing pricing on the SUV, dropping it to $42,990 for the base model and $47,990 for the Long Range model.

That pushes the lease price down to $379 to start, and the down payment is at just $2,500. Tesla also lists the post-tax credit prices, which can be applied at the point of sale starting this year. They make the base Model Y $35,490, the Long Range $40,490, and the Performance $44,990.

It’s important to note that this price cut is temporary, according to Tesla. That said, there’s nothing saying that the automaker won’t change its mind and extend the cuts. Tesla cut prices several times last year, making the Model 3 one of the most affordable EVs on sale, but the move angered owners and threw the vehicle’s long-term values into complete chaos.

The automaker has said that continued price cuts are not the best path forward, so it will be interesting to see where things go after this. Other companies have offered discounts on vehicles not eligible for tax credits, but that’s not a problem with the Model Y. We’ll just have to wait until March 1 to see if Tesla decides to keep the price cuts or bring back the higher MSRPs.

[Image: Tesla]

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