Some Norwegian Driving Schools Ban Teslas for Poor Turn Signal Design


some norwegian driving schools ban teslas for poor turn signal design

Redesigning the wheel is great, as long as the thing you’re changing actually needs it. Automakers are primary offenders in this area, changing the gear selector and many other long-consistent components.

Tesla changed several things in its vehicles, the most baffling of which is the turn signal stalk, which it removed in favor of steering wheel-mounted buttons. That “update” is cause for concern for driving schools in Norway, where many instructors believe the buttons are dangerous in some situations and have banned Teslas from their lessons.

One instructor found that roundabouts pose a challenge with Tesla’s turn signal buttons, as Norway law requires indicating an exit, which is challenging while turning the wheel. He posted his thoughts in a group with other instructors, finding that several agreed, with some saying they’d ban the vehicles in their schools.

Tesla is one of the most popular brands in Norway, where EVs have all but completely taken over the market. Many young drivers end up behind the wheel of a Tesla as a result, so it seems like a good idea to teach them how to use the vehicles properly. I’m not apologizing for Tesla’s turn signal design – I think it’s one of the worst decisions the company has made with design – but I do see value in finding a way to teach young drivers how to use the turn signals if they’re going to be driving a Tesla as their first vehicle.

[Image: Tesla]

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