Rivian R2 Specs Surface Ahead of March 7 Reveal


rivian r2 specs surface ahead of march 7 reveal

Upstart automaker Rivian has had its ups and downs, but buyers have pretty consistently rated it highly for satisfaction. Though the company’s first two vehicles, the R1T pickup and R1S SUV, are expensive, high-end EVs, Rivian has announced smaller models riding on a new R2 platform. The first, a lower-cost electric SUV, is expected to be revealed on March 7, but we’re getting a sneak peek at the specs and pricing thanks to the internet sleuths on X/Twitter.

User Chris Hilbert dug around on Rivian’s website and found source code for the R2’s model page. He notes that the R2 will go on sale in 2026 with a range of 330 miles. Pricing will start at $47,000, though models with the 300-plus-mile range will likely cost more. Like its larger siblings, the R2 will deliver blistering acceleration, with a claimed 0-60 mph time of three seconds. The new SUV will be considerably smaller than the R1S, though Rivian’s official teasers show a vehicle that looks quite a bit like its larger counterpart.

Rivian has since updated the site to remove access, but the official reveal is just a day away. In the meantime, it will be interesting to observe Rivian’s fortunes as it prepares for the new model. The company cut 10 percent of its salaried workforce last month and said that interest rates and geopolitical uncertainty had forced its hand.

While cheaper Rivian EVs are certainly welcome, the company has continued racking up losses, raising questions about its long-term viability. Competitor Fisker may need to lean on Nissan for financial support, though Rivian has fleet sales and other investors to help its cause. That said, 2026 is a long time from now, and the auto industry sometimes moves rapidly, so there are no guarantees things will go smoothly.

[Image: Rivian via X]

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