Report: Toyota to Upgrade 2025 GR Corolla Line with Automatic Gearbox Option and More Torque


One of my favorite things about my GR Corolla and the factor that makes the car so engaging to drive is its six-speed manual transmission. That said, I understand that automatics are often quicker and have better fuel economy and that there are plenty of people who can’t or don’t want to drive a manual for one reason or another. Toyota knows that, too, moving to offer an eight-speed automatic in the related GR Yaris, which now appears to be making its way to the States in the 2025 GR Corolla.

The Drive reported on the development, which broke on the GR Corolla Forum. Users shared an internal equipment overview for 2025 Canadian models, and the first option listed for the new GR Corolla is an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Toyota also apparently plans to bump the car’s torque for the new year, taking it from 272 pound-feet to 295. Premium models will get a new sub-radiator to help improve cooling performance under hard driving conditions.

Laugh about automatic transmissions all you want, but this is a smart move from Toyota that may also be a great thing for buyers, depending on how hardcore the dealers want to get with markups. While Honda and Acura don’t offer an automatic in the Civic Type R or Integra, Hyundai Elantra N buyers can opt for a dual-clutch automatic, increasing that car’s appeal. The GR Corolla is a rare car, but the additional transmission choice could increase availability and push more people to buy the car. With the world moving toward electrification, we need all the rowdy hot hatches we can get.

[Images: Toyota]

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