Ramming Speed: Meet the 2025 Ram RHO


ramming speed meet the 2025 ram rho

The 2025 Ram 1500 I drove earlier this year no longer offers a TRX model. We knew, however, that Ram wouldn’t go long without offering a high-performance trim. Enter the 2025 Ram RHO

We knew this both because it’s not very Ram-like to not offer something with plenty of power, and because Ram folks hinted at it during the Ram press launch.

Now we know the details.

ramming speed meet the 2025 ram rho

The highlights here are the specs. Under the RHO’s hood is a 3.0-liter turbocharged Hurricane inline-six cylinder that makes 540 horsepower and 521 lb-ft of torque.

Ram is promising a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds, with the quarter-mile vanishing in 13.1 seconds at 105 miles. The fun cut offs at the claimed top speed of 118 mph.

ramming speed meet the 2025 ram rho

Off-road running isn’t forgotten, thanks to a suspension system with long travel and adaptive-damping. The upper and lower control arms are forged aluminum. It’s independent up front and the spring rates are retuned. Bilstein adaptive shocks are here to help the RHO deal with varying terrain. A Jounce Control system is here to “provide bottom-out control during the most extreme compression events” and all drive modes can provide “peak damping” for the same. Translation: If you bottom out after a jump, the truck should be able to handle it. That said, don’t try it at home.

Ram claims a water-fording depth of up to 32 inches.

Towing capacity is listed at 8,380 pounds and payload is listed at 1,520 pounds.

An eight-speed automatic transmission gets power to the wheels. Ram claims the powertrain sheds 150 pounds and that the truck’s weight distribution is more balanced.

ramming speed meet the 2025 ram rho

Since Ram envisions RHO owners playing in nature’s sandbox, there’s a hood duct that is setup to drain water and filter out debris. The high-flow induction system leads to a performance air filter that is easily accessed for cleaning.

Out back, there’s an exhaust system that’s unique to the RHO — it has true dual pipes and a low-restriction system.

A full-time active transfer case from BorgWarner has a low range of 2.64:1 and is said to be stronger and more durable than what’s on offer in other Rams. It can be flat-towed in neutral.

ramming speed meet the 2025 ram rho

There’s a Dana 60 rear axle that dampers axle hop, and the axle shafts are full-floating. RHOs have a rear electronic-locking differential, and the rear suspension has a five-link coil system with adaptive damping. Ram promises that the bed capacity won’t be reduced by the additional 40 percent of rear-wheel travel. Those wheels, by the way, are 18 inches and host 35-inch tires.

Ride height is increased by 2 inches and the ground clearance for the RHO is 11.8 inches.

ramming speed meet the 2025 ram rho

RHOs are 8 inches wider (six in track width) and will be visually differentiated by fender flares, LED taillights, and unique badging. Other items that vary from the regular Ram include the skid plates, front grille, hood, and bumpers. The headlights are also LED, along with the front marker lights — some of which are integrated into the front hood scoop. You also get front and rear tow hooks.

Rock rails and graphics are optional.

ramming speed meet the 2025 ram rho

Inside, there are upscale materials, custom badging (including one with the VIN), heated and cooled leather seats with suede inserts, carbon-fiber accents, a floor shifter, and paddle shifters. Options include other types of stitching and accents.

You’ll plenty of screens, up to 50 inches combined. That includes the 14.5-inch infotainment screen, 12.3-inch gauge screen, and a 10.25-inch screen for passengers.

ramming speed meet the 2025 ram rho

Drive modes include Baja, Sport, Tow, Mud/Sand, Rock, Snow, Custom, and Valet. There’s a launch control system.

Other available tech includes a head-up display and hands-free automated driving that only works on certain roads. There will be dual wireless chargers for mobile devices.

Buyers will be able to get Harman Kardon audio and a system to help steer when attaching a trailer.

ramming speed meet the 2025 ram rho

If you like hi-po trucks, Ram now offers you the RHO, Warlock, and Rebel on the 1500 and the Power Wagon and Rebel on the 2500 HD. Also new for this year is a Rebel X model that celebrates the 10-year anniversary of that trim and will offer cruise control that works on dirt roads, as well as an exclusive paint color.

The Warlock is lifted by an inch, has Bilstein shocks front and rear, skid plates, unique styling elements, and the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six that makes 420 ponies and 469 lb-ft of torque. The sticker for that one is $54,260 plus the $1,995 destination fee.

ramming speed meet the 2025 ram rho

Pricing will start at $69,995 with a $1,995 destination fee, and orders are open now. RHOs will ship this fall.

[Images: Ram]

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