QOTD: Which Car Will Pick Up the "Bad Driver" Torch If Nissan Discontinues the Altima?


qotd which car will pick up the bad driver torch if nissan discontinues the

Rumors are sometimes way off the mark, but they’re fun to discuss even then. Earlier this year, the internet started buzzing about the Nissan Altima and its “upcoming” discontinuation. That got me thinking: If the Altima’s gone, which car will carry the torch for bad drivers everywhere?

If you’ve spent any time on the roads or the internet, you’re bound to have seen an Altima driver behaving badly. Reddit’s got r/Nissandrivers, and there are countless Facebook groups with similar themes. The drivers are usually pushing 30 mph above the speed limit, and many are missing hubcaps, bumpers, hoods, and even doors in some cases.

Without the rental-car-king Altima on the road, what car will take its place? You could argue the Dodge Challenger or Charger, but they’re going away. A recent LendingTree study pegged Ram, Tesla, and Subaru drivers as the worst in the nation, but BMW drivers had the most DUIs.

Let me know what you think in the comments. This is totally unscientific, and your answer doesn’t have to be rooted in anything data-related. My early guess was Tesla, but the automaker’s under increasing scrutiny for how it monitors its drivers’ use of semi-autonomous driving functions, so I could be way off.

[Image: Nissan]

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